Check-in in Belgium

“you will find that it is necessary to let things go simply for the reason that they are heavy…”


Two races done and the end of euro trip #1 is sort of in sight. The days are long but the time has gone so fast. After my first race (a steeple in Lusanne, Switzerland) I ran a 1500 in Huesden, Belgium last night. In between, there has been time for chocolates, a day trip to Brugge, and some tasty group dinners in our little kitchenette. It has been a great time to consider the rest of this season, while starting to look ahead to a whole new year of running, school, and thoughts. Summer is always seemingly a time of reflection, given I am still a student so the year sort of ‘resets’ in September. As too does running. So… not precisely sure where that lands me in the world of internships, races, and life. But, coming here reminds me it’s all going to be alright.


The races are a bit of a blur, but some good takeaways from both. First, a lot to learn when racing with “the big girls” in the world of steeple. I let stress and the bumping around in the pack get to me more than I should have, but I am hoping it was a good lesson learned. In the 1500 in Belgium, I worked really hard to stay calm and utilize as little energy as possible and saw a huge improvement (and a pr! always nice). Next up is another mile in Ireland. Pretty excited about seeing a new country and racing in another mile. I realized how few races I have actually run this year and am looking forward to competing a bunch more. For now, time to soak up the last few days in Brussels :)


“When you rise in the morning, give thanks for the light, for your life, for your strength. For the joy of living or for your food. If you see no reason to give thanks, the fault lies only in yourself”


“The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it – – I can resist everything but temptation” – Oscar Wilde



“Remember, mountains only become mountains when pushed, when slammed against fierce and immovable opposition. The harder they crash, the taller they grow… So too do we.


Pretty Beautiful – right down to the man in the speedo. Seen on my lake jog :)

Summertime… and the living’s easy.

Back to the Blog! Well, I wish I could use school as an excuse yet again for not getting this whole blog thing going, but that would be a lie. The honest statement is I was nervous about the season ahead … and weary about writing about it . Let’s admit it; it is hard to willingly state the things you want, putting it out there like that may be more frightening then even working for it at all!


So, where do I start? Well, I finished my 1L year at law school, made a journal (Race and the Law), and didn’t flunk out. Phew. I also got the chance to head down to Princeton for REUNIONS! Which was so fun, as per usual. It is so great to be able to head back and be able to do everything from a run with a bunch of old teammates to hear Neil Diamond sing Sweet Caroline at the 50th reunion.


Then there is my track life – I got to go out to Oxy, where I won in my opening steeple of the year. Then, I got to run at Adidas Grand Prix in NYC, where I ran … meh quite poorly. It was a great way to jump start a lot of training leading into USA’s though. I got motivated, but I also worked really hard at fixing my head and learning to calm down. Then, the NJ-NY Track Club headed to Des Moines, Iowa. The experience with the group was as warm and fuzzy as the trials last year
(well.. it was a lot warmer literally, but you catch my drift).

I am so lucky for my coaches, my teammates, and my support system.
An amazing little look into our weekend as a group can be found here:

One thing thankfully went a little bit differently this year at USA’s though. I made the team! Of course that was an exciting feeling, but the best feeling of all though had to be the reaffirming feeling in my gut. I stayed put in NJ, started school, trained hard, got to train and see my closest friends all the time, made some tough decisions at the beginning of the year, and it worked out. That just is not always how it goes and I feel so lucky for the year so far :)


But – the year is FAR from over. First off is a couple weeks in Europe to race a few more steeples and 1500s. Then another trip to Russia in August. AHH. busy, fun, exciting, summer ahead. Looking forward to getting it started in Switzerland!


Spring is here!

Well, even though Mother Nature has been pretty stingy about bringing the warm weather to NJ, once April hits there is no denying the season is here and it is time to get going. I think we have got a nice season plan going that starts with two meets this month- an opener at Princeton in the 1500 and then a steeple at Drake Relays! Pretty excited to go see the track USA’s will be at this year a little earlier and get a feel for it. Admittedly, Des Moines isn’t known for its bustling nightlife and things to do – but me and my teammates will make it work.

I am pretty excited about having a couple weeks in a row to just train and up the mileage,  so March was sometimes tiring, but really fun. Handing in a big ole paper for law school also felt pretty good. I have two finals in May, but I’ll avoid that realization until then. Classes end this month though – so it is safe to say I might just make it through this first year [fairly] unscathed and still not too cynical.

So here is to hopefully checking in more about races results and thoughts. Last year, every workout felt like a new thing to overcome. I must have pr-ed in different shorter distances a dozen times at practice last year. It is nice to be completing some of those same workouts now and keeping calm, rather than holding on for dear life. I’m hoping that helps me to gain some confidence and build some energy and momentum into these coming meets. Learning to own your training and execute a workout rather than race a workout is a critical step in improving as an athlete – so fingers crossed! Tonight, I start to get antsy by heading over to Princeton’s season opener at my college track. I also get to sneak in a hurdle workout prior to watching some college teammates race! Go tigers.